About Techovative

Who we are

We, Techovative, a family of certified IT professional as well as healthcare professionals a reliable and trusted provider. Bring the latest technology in the region. We are consistent in delivering innovative and efficient solutions for our customers worldwide from designing, developing & implementing integrated solutions.
Technology is changing the world around us at an incredible pace. In an extraordinary competitive environment, as a healthcare provider must respond to market drivers and patient expectations with an agility that is now seen as a critical success factor. With growing government regulations and increasing healthcare awareness, it is important more than ever that your business models evolve. You need to move towards change and agility proactively to accomplish better competitive positions and contribute greater value to the communities we serve.
Under the Techovative umbrella with large number of hardware and software solutions, specialized in system integration, IT infrastructure end-end enablement, Clod management and many other horizons. We are providing
  • Consultancy Services
  • Technology Innovation Services
With a dynamic blend of highly qualified project managers, software developers, security experts, network engineers, Biomedical/Clinical Engineers, consultants complimented by state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Why Techovative?

Delivering the Difference

We deliver outstanding user experiences by designing and realizing digital solutions through Information,

Improved Quality of Care
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Incorporates best practices
  • Coordination of care with other parts of the larger system
  • Real-time access of the systems
  • Portable and long distance solutions
  • Remote monitoring
Actionable Intelligence
  • Economic forecasting for various business cycles
  • Innovative solution matrix for specialized processes
  • Business stream identification and management
  • Forecast management and revenue generation planning
New Age Business Models
  • Strategic outsourcing for expertise
  • Resource leverage within the organization group
  • Target an extended catchment through franchisee models
Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Virtualized multi-tenant architecture
  • Accelerated rollout for new facilities
  • Centralized Reporting across multiple facilities
  • Measure Operational Efficiency through benchmarking

Company Philosophy


To be among the most admired companies in the world of ICT and Life Care Technology.


To enable smarter ICT and healthcare that delivers improved outcomes. For our professionals, to provide a stimulating work environment that recognizes and rewards their hard work, providing them with the opportunity for both personal & professional growth for our partners in the Life Care ecosystem.

Value Statement

We are committed to Customer Satisfaction, People Empowerment and Profitable Growth

Quality Statement

To achieve sustained and profitable growth by providing quality services which consistently satisfies customer needs and expectations


Core Business

Techovative is basically an IT company. Our services revolve around the Information Technology industry. Core business of the company can be divided into four categories

  • Information Communication Technology
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Software Design and Development
  • Healthcare Information Technology
  • Healthcare Technology Management
  • Android/IOS Application Development
  • Web Design & Development
  • Solutions / Systems Development along with Business Processes
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Network (LAN/WAN) Datacentre Design and Development
  • Consultancy in the areas we specialize
  • Professional Services
  • Hardware

Human Resources

Techovative employees are well educated, flexible and ambitious who thrive on change and challenge, are innovative, self-confident and accept responsibility by taking initiative and adapting to a stimulating working environment.

Our Technical Expertise Includes
  • Experienced Managers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Biomedical / Clinical Engineers
  • Computer System/ Software Engineers
  • Designers / Developers / Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Consultants
  • Doctors
  • Financial Experts
  • Domain Experts
  • Business Processes Designers

Mr. Ghulam Farid

Founder, CEO

a man of vision, passion, direction and achievements throughout his life. Ghulam has always been at the forefront of Health IT Innovation. He founded "Techovative" in 2015 and passionate about Health IT and crafting high quality products as "iHealthCure Health Suite" by delivering his vision of connected Digital Health across all healthcare facilities and service providers with the concept of Health Information Exchange. Today "Techovative" provides leading software that is transforming healthcare worldwide. Ghulam is active in all aspects of the company’s business operations, working alongside the teams in the development of Techovative’s products and representing the company in the all Domain

Mr. Sarosh Zahir

Co-Founder & COO

of "Techovative", where he is in charge of developing, establishing, implementing and communicating Techovative’s global strategy. He is also responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations and aligning the entire team with Techovative established practices and long-time goals, making the best use of his keen strategical and market knowledge. He is passionate about business management, economics, software development and crafting high quality products.

Mr. Faisal Shahzad

Co-Founder & CTO

He oversees Techovative's technical direction, research and strategy. He has a strong expertise on Microsoft Technologies, having extensive experience in web development from front-end design to back-end complex logic, from Ajax to server-side Web-services/ Web APIs, SaaS based enterprise solutions, cross platform applications and customized solutions. He is responsible for architecture, and day-to-day management of technology development, product integration, technical support, maintenance and scalability of Techovative’s enterprise products/ services targeting in healthcare sector, having "iHealthCure Health Suite"

Mr. Muhammad Arslan

Solution Architect

Enthusiastic software engineer participating in the complete product development lifecycle of successfully launched applications. Engaged in all phases of the software development lifecycle which include: gathering and analysing user/business system requirements, responding to outages and creating application system models. Participate in design meetings and consult with clients to refine, test and debug programs to meet business needs and interact and sometimes direct third party partners in the achievement of business and technology initiatives.